State-of-the-Art Tech

Say goodbye to messy impressions and hello to a faster, more comfortable dental experience with Primescan, the cutting-edge intraoral scanner now available at Princeton Junction Dental!

What is Primescan?

Primescan is a revolutionary wand-like device that captures stunningly accurate 3D models of your teeth in seconds. It eliminates the need for messy, uncomfortable traditional impressions, making your dental visit more pleasant and efficient.

Why Choose Primescan at Princeton Junction Dental?

  • Unmatched Precision: Primescan captures even the subtlest details, ensuring accurate diagnosis and treatment planning for optimal results.
  • Faster Appointments: Say goodbye to lengthy impression sessions. Primescan creates digital models in seconds, reducing chair time and allowing you to get back to your day sooner.
  • Enhanced Comfort: No more gagging or discomfort with gooey trays. Primescan’s gentle scanning process makes your dental visit stress-free.
  • Improved Communication: See real-time 3D models of your teeth on a screen, allowing you to better understand your treatment plan and ask questions.
  • Minimally Invasive Procedures: Digital impressions often eliminate the need for temporary crowns or repeated procedures, minimizing discomfort and preserving your natural teeth..

Hear what our patients are saying about Primescan:

"Primescan was amazing! It was so much faster and easier than traditional impressions." - Sarah M

"Princeton Junction Dental is always on the cutting edge of technology. I'm so glad they offer Primescan. It's the future of dentistry!" - Emily L